Deep Wells Parenting Conference - 2016!

Bringing together “a multitude of counselors” from city and country in the unity of the Holy Spirit to learn from one another and grow in the Lord Jesus Christ as individuals and parents.

Conference Details

March 12, 2016 8:30-4:00 pm
Koinonia Fellowship, East Rochester, NY

$10 Individual/$15 Couple
Lunch Included.

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Conference presenters

Jim Harden

Feed and Gather
The purpose of parental responsibility is to point each boy and girl to Jesus using the tools of a life lived for Him, together.

John Walker

Carry and Lead
Gifting our children to God, being stewards of their lives, and feeding them spiritually, emotionally, and aspirationally.

Rashon Bradley

Walk a Mile in My Shoes
This workshop is designed to help educate parents to recognize when their child is experiencing ongoing bullying.

Aaron Hillyard

Large Families: Dynamics and Challenges
Living the life of a large family can be quite challenging or very rewarding – the outcome, however, depends on you!

Jennifer Krog

Parenting Toddlers and Preschoolers
It’s never too early to start teaching your children about who our God is, His Word and that He has a plan for their lives.

Ben Hiwale

Preparing Your Teen for Independence
If Sixteen is Sweet, then Eighteen is Legal, the biggest question looming for parents of teenagers is: What’s Next?

Anthony Cintron

Children’s Ministry
What is rooted in the heart of a child is almost impossible to uproot in the life of an adult. Children are more moldable than they will ever be again.

Mark Shepherd

Sibling Rivalry
Practical parenting tips to grow together in gratitude and foster our children’s relationships with one another.

Domenico Danesi

Conference Chair
Our mission is to equip individuals and couples to become better parents.


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